Prospective graduate students and postdoctoral research scientists who are interested in joining the Hydrothermal Research Group at UW should review opportunities listed below.  Please contact me by email prior to submitting an application to discuss the research project you would like to conduct.

August 01, 2018

New Project – Postdoc Opportunity

Multi-Scale Fluid-Solid Interactions in Architected and Natural Materials (MUSE)

I am part of a team lead by the University of Utah that has been awarded a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center. We will explore fluid-solid interactions at interfaces and within nanopores in shale and synthetic materials with the aim of understanding how these processes manifest as macroscopic transport and mechanical phenomena.

June 01, 2018

Proposal Submitted – Graduate Student Opportunity

Associated Geologic Storage in Basinal Geo-Laboratories

The primary objective of this work is to determine economically viable CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery scenarios in stacked Cretaceous non-conventional formations in the Powder River Basin, WY; this will create opportunities for significant (and sustainable) associated CO2 storage in eight stacked reservoirs for extended periods of time. This is an interdisciplinary, DOE-funded project that is collaborative with Drs. Vladimir Alvarado (PI, Department of Chemical Engineering), Dario Grana (Department of Geology and Geophysics), Kam Ng (Department of Civil Engineering), Klaas T. van't Veld (College of Business), and Ranie Lynds (Wyoming State Geological Survey).

May 01, 2018

Proposal Submitted – Graduate Student Opportunity

Fluid-Rock Interactions in Unconventional Petroleum Systems

We are studying the fundamental geochemistry of fluid-rock interactions in unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs in Wyoming and Colorado. A major petroleum company is considering funding this work for an important reservoir in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and the Denver-Julesburg Basin of Wyoming and Colorado.

July 01, 2018

Ongoing Project - Graduate Student

Geochemistry of Fluid-Rock Interactions in Petroleum Geosystems

Janet Dewey (PI) and I (coPI) work together on a project, Optimizing Wettability for Enhanced Oil Production.  The project is funded by ESal, LLC, a consulting/service company to the oil industry that helps oil producers increase production in mature fields via wettability alteration.  ESal was awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation to lead this work and engaged us to perform laboratory experiments and analytical geochemistry.  The work is collaborative with ESal and began last fall.  A new MS graduate student is working on the project this summer.  

November 06, 2017

Ongoing Project


The goal of this project is to quantitatively predict changes in geochemical and geomechanical behavior during and after injection of carbon dioxide into two types of reservoir rocks, sandstone and limestone/dolomite.  The ability to predict geomechanical behavior in response to carbon dioxide injection, if successful, could increase the accuracy of subsurface models for carbon dioxide storage reservoirs and enhanced oil recovery. This is an interdisciplinary, DOE-funded project that is collaborative with Drs. Vladimir Alvarado (Department of Chemical Engineering), Erin Campbell (Wyoming State Geological Survey), Dario Grana (Department of Geology and Geophysics), and Kam Ng (Department of Civil Engineering).

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